Accelerate Product Development with Delogue PLM

Grow faster by letting designers, buyers and production collaborate in one platform

Trusted by more than 8.000 users within the apparel and lifestyle industry

Increase Productivity with a Single Source of Truth

Delogue PLM is your way of keeping an overall transparency in your supply chain. Making it easy to access data and knowledge, the platform works as the backbone to your business by gathering and organising all your designs, products and communication. Avoid costly mistakes, benefit from efficient workflows and improve time-to-market.

Delogue PLM Highlights

Product Design Development

Gather all your collections and attach the relevant information for each of your products. Get an overview of your designs and use Delogue PLM as the portfolio for your art.

Connect & Collaborate with Suppliers

With our communication tool, you can easily connect and collaborate with suppliers. Delogue PLM let’s your team and suppliers communicate about products, deadlines, prices and much more.

Smarter Product Decisions

Gain an overview of all your collections with Delogue PLM. Allowing you to analyze and manage your work, prepares you to enter the future with an innovative approach and grow your business from a solid base.

Integrate with ERP and PIM

Developed to be connected to ERP and PIM systems, Delogue PLM is easily integrated with other systems. Talk to us and we will figure out how to connect to your existing solution.